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The term “Medieval philosophy” means the philosophical thinking between the 5th and the 15th century. It is preceded by the Ancient Philosophy (7th BC – 4th AC.), and it is followed by the Modern (16th – 18th century) and the Contemporary Philosophy (19th - 20th century).
The Medieval Philosophy is naturally related to the Middle Age, that period which is limited by two key-events: the Roman Empire Fall (476 AD) and the Columbus trip to America (1492 AD). Medieval Philosophy starts usually with the Augustine of Hippo' thought (375 – †430) and it continues at least until Nicholas of Cusa (1401 – †1464). It is also possible identifying a certain number of subgroups or subsets of that periodization. This split of the medieval philosophy help us to a better understanding of the Medieval Philosophy as an articulation of theological thoughts, philosophical currents and traditions. Those subgroups or subsets have been established with respect to certain events or to the publication of ve…

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